Phat Guitars Signature Model- The Shredder 001

I’m very proud of this guitar!  My personal Phat Guitar, custom shaped by hand, and my own headstock design, gorgeous Buckeye Burl top, zirecote fingerboard, gold hardware.  Dominger Custom Pickups, Floyd Rose trem, LED killswitch, and Luminlay fret markers.

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Live Rig

Kemper Profiling Amp.  Amazing piece of gear.  Able to replicate the sound of any amp configuration, in 3 rack spaces. KPA Profiles By Mattfig provide the core of my tone.   I run the Kemper Remote fitted with Barefoot Buttons,, one Mission Kemper Expression pedal, one Dunlop Expression Pedal, and a Digitech GSP 1101 in the effects loop only for the Yah Yah effect, which I use to emulate talk box effects, and a Line 6 G30 wireless system.